Welcome to my new web site.

For many years, the Internet was void of commercialism. The Internet was for fun, frolic and some academia. In those early days of the Internet I never dreamt of using the Internet commercially in my practice. Indeed, I had only a few clients over the span of those early years who even knew about the Internet. I still cherish the pocket protectors they gave me as gifts. O.K., enough strolling down cyber memory lane. I have reached closure and I have come to accept that the Internet of old has changed.

New Horizons

Commercialism has all but dwarfed fun and frolic on the Internet. Even the “fun” social media bombards users with advertisements. Alas, however, I am convinced if a business is going to be competitive it needs an Internet presence.

My Way

Many of the legal web sites I have visited discuss topics such as the Supreme Court, Congress, the paralegal’s cat and then link you to every legal resource under the sun. Therefore, I won’t be going into detail about how long it takes to get a divorce or what to do if your landlord is evicting you. Go to any search engine and you’ll find an abundance of that type of information. I do, however, offer overviews of the areas of law in which I practice: family law, criminal defense, and civil litigation.

I do discuss a topic which is near and dear to every client’s or potential client’s heart — attorney fees. I found there is a dearth of information on legal web sites regarding this issue, with only brief discussions at best. Therefore, I offer more than cursory treatment of attorney fees wherein I bare my soul regarding mine as well. I hope from the knowledge you may gain, that you will be more at ease with any attorney regarding this seemingly esoteric subject. Most importantly, you will know what to ask.

There is no omniscient narrator here. This is my web site and I’m the one doing all the talking. Should readers find this arrogant, then I remind them: Modesty is for virgins, not litigators. Moreover, I don’t want to insult your intelligence by feigning that some fawning client has dedicated a web site to me. Another thing, none of that “Mr.” stuff, you can just call me Frank. I only insist that people with the rank of judge or above call me “Mr.”

Serving the Bay Area including the Tri-Valley cities of : Pleasanton, Livermore, Dublin, & San Ramon, California.

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